Why Our Dates?

Medjool dates are delicate tasty fruits. Their flavor and texture vary depending on how they are grown, processed, and stored. The date crop differs from year to year, some years are better than other years.  

Our dates are USDA Certified organic and best for your health. They are grown naturally on chemical free soil without GMO and with only natural fertilizers. They are not sprayed with pesticides and are not fumigated. Dates and other  fruits are routinely fumigated with dangerous chemical to kill bug and insects.

Our dates are from California orchards and from this year’s crop. They have been naturally grown and processed and refrigerated after their harvest.

Our dates are the best value. Our dates are priced below their market value to enable everyone to enjoy them.

Our dates are large size. They are hand selected from the crops for their size, volume, and texture, which is labor intensive and costly. Most all Medjool dates in the market are much smaller and are lower grade.

Our dates are naturally sweet. Their sweetness comes from the fruit only. They are not laced or infused with sugar and sweeteners  to enhance their flavor like many other Medjools in the market

Our dates have naturally a thick flesh, which makes them chewy and creamy. Many other Medjool in the market are infused with water to make them look thick  

Our dates have less than 10% skin separation (that is 10% of the dates in an 11 lb box show some skin separation). The skin of Medjool dates is wrinkly and is ideally stuck to the flesh, but often the skin separates from the flesh. Dates with low skin separation are hand selected from the crop and are rated high grade and are thus pricier. Those dates are very enjoyable to eat. Most Medjool dates in the stores have over 25% skin separation.

Our dates are naturally moist, whereas many of the Medjool dates in the market are infused with water solutions to make them feel moist.

Our dates are sun dried. The sun preserves their flavor, nutrients, and vitamins. Many other Medjool dates in the market are processed with industrial heat.  

Our dates are refrigerated after harvest. In contrast, to cut cost many producers do not refrigerate their Medjool dates, which damages their nutritional and medicinal properties.

Our dates are shipped refrigerated. We ship our dates in refrigerated trucks from the farm at a premium. Many vendors cut costs and ship their dates long distance in regular trucks and cool them upon arrival. As a result, those dates heat, sweat, burn, and leak during travel. Then, the dates again suffer shock when they are cooled. This degrade the nutrients and vitamins in the dates and cause them to spoil quickly.

Our dates have a good shelf life. They will keep their texture and flavor for at least a month if they are stored in a cool place. They also can be enjoyed throughout the year if they are properly refrigerated or frozen.